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Chemical Hazardous Waste Disposal Newcastle

Newcastle Waste Management is the very best pick for dangerous waste disposal in the North West. Whatever number of hazardous material you have at your residential or commercial address, Newcastle Waste Management has the equipment and specialist staff that will help you transport and dispose of your waste correctly.

It may be a surprise for you to realize precisely what is recognized as hazardous material. Any merchandise bearing a label stating: noxious, corrosive, poison, flammable, irritant, or combustible is technically considered a dangerous thing. While many of us understand that items like batteries and mercury thermometers should not be disposed of in the weekly trash, here are a few other things which should experience appropriate disposal to reduce their environmental impact.

Painting solutions including latex or water-based paint, turpentine, rust remover, paint thinner, and varnish are also harmful to the surroundings. When you are working on your own vehicle, make sure to correctly dispose of motor oil, gasoline, kerosene, windshield washer solution, antifreeze, and brake and transmission fluids. Medications are also risky, including alcohol-based lotions, isopropyl alcohol, and prescription drugs.

Household cleansers and polishes, swimming pool chemicals, adhesive, and mothballs should also be considered risky.
Throughout southern California, Starlite has developed a reputation for a broad selection of waste disposal and environmental reclamation services.

Newcastle Waste Management has the expertise and equipment to take care of your waste material. Don’t let your hazardous waste take up precious space or end up in a landfill where it doesn’t belong. Contact Newcastle Waste Management today to learn more about our diverse waste management services.

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