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Commercial Waste Management Gateshead

Located on the south bank of the Tyne, Gateshead constitutes part of the Gateshead Metropolitan Borough in North East England. A total of seven bridges connect Gateshead and Newcastle over the Tyne, including the Gateshead Millennium Bridge. One of the town’s most notable structures are the Sage Gateshead and the Angel of the North. Gateshead residents are known as Geordies, just as those in Tyneside as a whole. Gateshead has the largest shopping centre, the Metro Centre, in the North East and Europe, as well as the largest shopping centre in the country. 

In Gateshead, the Team Valley Trading Estate, once the largest in the country, has now grown to become one of the largest commercial estates in the UK. Several main transportation routes pass through Gateshead, such as the A1 connecting London to Edinburgh and the A184 connecting the town with Sunderland. Whether you run a restaurant in MetroCentre or a coffee shop in Trinity Square, you can contact Waste Management Newcastle on 0191 462 8955. 


Commercial Waste Collection Gateshead

Gateshead is a great attraction for tourists. It’s connection to London and Sunderland via the A1 and A184 make it easier for people to access it, being drawn by the Angel of the North Statue or the Gateshead Millennium to mention but a few. The parks, such as Saltwell Park or the Watergate Forest Park are some of the places where visitors flock to. As such, it is imperative that the town is kept free of waste. The aim of Waste Management Newcastle is to maximise recycling and reduce costs by optimising space and resources. We aim to keep this beautiful town as clean as it is.

Businesses have a great deal of responsibility regarding waste disposal. Commercial waste should be collected and disposed of properly, or it can pollute the environment. In the absence of proper collection, processing, and disposal, waste can end up in a landfill or being fly-tipped to the beautiful parks of Gateshead. Therefore, it is imperative that your waste be properly disposed of and that you do so through a reputable waste management company. For more information about how we can improve your business waste service and support your sustainability goals, including landfill diversion and recycling, contact us today.


Commercial Waste Disposal Gateshead

Commercial waste is classified as dry waste produced by enterprises, production units, offices, and bureaus. Materials used for it include polymers, paper, cardboard, metals, wood, glass, and biological products, all of which are valuable and exploitable. Finding a commercial waste firm that caters to your organization’s specific demands will assist you in managing your waste in a legal and ethical manner, as well as reduce the danger of penalties and fines. We are happy to say that our waste company is the best possible option for your company’s disposal. According to your ‘duty of care’ for the waste you generate, you must:

  • Make sure that collection companies are licensed
  • Safely and securely store your waste
  • Keep the waste from causing harm to the environment or to individuals.

Waste can be disposed of using our range of waste bins. Before a waste bin is placed on your property, a risk assessment must be conducted. You can find a commercial waste bin that fits your needs from a wide range of sizes. There are typically between 240 and 1100 litres of capacity measured in litres. There are bins that hold 360 litres and 660 litres, along with smaller bins occasionally. For residents, waste can be sent to one of the two household recycling sites, Campground household waste and recycling centre, Wrekenton and Cowen Road household waste and recycling centre, Blaydon. They’re open seven days a week from 9am to 6pm.


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