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Newcastle business waste collections

Our comprehensive waste management and collection services are both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited, so you can be sure that with 707, you will receive a service of the highest quality.


Dealing with the waste they produce is a task which all organisations, be they large, small, public or private, must face.  Our service aims to make doing so as easy as possible.  We are experts in the waste industry and use cutting-edge technology to provide top-quality services to our clients across Newcastle.


It is our goal to cut down dramatically on the amount of waste that our clients send to landfill.  protection of the environment is an extremely important issues, and one which guides our approach to waste disposal.  We offer specialist recycling services to our clients, with collections for dried mixed recyclables, paper and cardboard, and glass bottles.  If your waste can be recycled, then we will work to ensure that it is, protecting the environment and reducing your costs over the long-term.


No matter what type of waste our clients produce, we operate a professional service which can deal with it effectively.  We are capable of collecting all waste, from hazardous waste to general waste, and liquid waste to recyclables, the service we offer is comprehensive.  Once we have collected the waste, our clients can be confident that it will disposed of in accordance with the specific regulations which relate to that type of waste, allowing them to enjoy full confidence in our service.


Our customer service team are ready and waiting to answer any queries you may have about our service, so do not hesitate to call us today.  We can offer you a free assessment of your current waste services, and a free quote on the services we can provide to you.


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