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RPS Energy Newcastle

This new RPS will be removed on 30th April 2015.

After the 30th April 2015, those who were running under this RPS will have to prove one of the following:
For those operators choosing to submit an application for an environmental permit to continue running, from 1st May 2015 it is going to be a necessity for all newly permitted websites storing combustible materials (waste wood, tyres, RDF etc) to have a Fire Prevention Plan, approved by the EA before the permit is issued.

For all those operators who previously gained from RPS128, the EA has prepared a ‘Frequently asked questions — Regular License Consultation — Fire Prevention’ document to clarify the choices and the just implemented standards.

Whether this change to RPS128 is likely to influence your operations, please don’t hesitate to contact Newcastle Waste Management on 0191 462 8955.

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