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Metal is often difficult for businesses to manage.  Often incredibly heavy and difficult to store, proper scrap metal disposal is a constant challenge for businesses which produce considerable amounts of metal waste. Our scrap metal collection service is an efficient, cost-effective method of managing your waste metal. We have over 25 years’ experience helping businesses manage their waste metal and utilize all of this to supply our customers with industry-leading advice.  Our team will ensure you get the best cost for all scrap metal with value and some other metals are properly disposed of. To stop worrying about the bins and start focusing on your company, call our staff on 0191 462 8955 to arrange a free waste management audit


Metal recycling services Newcastle

Unlike materials such as plastic, nearly all metals can be recycled.  Despite this, it’s estimated only 50 percent of metal used in the United Kingdom is recycled, meaning a massive amount remains transferred to landfills.  This is unsuitable when metal itself doesn’t biodegrade and landfill space is running out. Recycling scrap metal also saves more energy and generates fewer gas emissions than creating new metal from its ore.  Recycled aluminium, as an instance, uses 92% less energy to produce than extracting aluminium from its ore. We ensure all metal we gather is properly sorted and shipped to some relevant recycling facility where it could be reused.  If you’d like to discover more, call our staff for a discussion on 0191 462 8955 or complete an enquiry form online today for the best price for your scrap metal.

With over 25 years’ experience along with a team triumphed in scrap metal collection, we know just how much scrap metal is worth. Our staff can easily and efficiently sort through your waste metal to establish what’s precious and ensure you get the maximum price possible.  Not only does our metal recycling capacities help the environment, they also help you to get the best-possible roi out of your waste management efforts.  Contact our friendly staff to figure out how we could help your company save money and lower your impact on the environment.  Get in contact with us, get in touch with us.


Scrap metal collected Newcastle

All metal is broken down into two broad categories: ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals.  

Ferrous metals contain iron, are magnetic and typically more corrosive.  Commonly-used ferrous metals include: gentle steel carbon steel stainless steel cast iron wrought iron in comparison, non-ferrous metals do not contain iron, are not magnetic and are often more resistant to corrosion than ferrous metals.  

Commonly-used non-ferrous metals include: aluminium, copper, brass, silver, lead. when coping with considerable quantities of waste metal, it can be difficult to ascertain which kinds of metal are included.  The expertise held within our team allows us to deal with all sorts of metal, meaning you don’t need to worry about sorting your metal or dividing it into re and non-ferrous in order to find the most precious scrap.


What is classed as scrap metal?

In simple terms, scrap metal is any combination of waste material, metallic substance or product that contains metal and is capable of being recycled.  It can incorporate vehicle components, aluminium cable, stainless steel and aluminium cans. Scrap metal may have tremendous monetary value in larger quantities and may still be well worth a not-inconsiderable amount even in smaller amounts.  Indeed, the United Kingdom metal recycling industry is worth a fantastic 7billion today.   


Why you should pick the waste company scrap metal set service.

At waste firm, we have over 25 years’ experience in metal collection.  This allows us to create the whole process incredibly simple for you. Initially, a professional member of our staff will emerge and provide you a free site audit, which will provide us the ability to perform a comprehensive analysis of your needs and create the right solution for your business.  Once this has been finished, it is possible to leave the remainder to us. Our highly trained staff will collect your scrap metal onto a program that best fits the demands of your company, letting you concentrate on doing what you do best. For more info on the scrap metal collection service or some of our recycling collection services or overall business waste collection services, get in contact with us today. Call us on 0191 462 8955  or create a fast enquiry online. Save cash & lower your ecological impact.


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