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Secure shredding Newcastle

Waste company offers safe shredding services to both commercial companies and households in Newcastle and surrounding areas.  We offer environmentally friendly confidential waste disposal of office files, papers, older cd’s, legal and other office documents. Waste company offers safe shredding services to many organizations burdened with ever increasing regulations, customer demands for protection of private information and corporate sensitive information from loss and theft.


Our clientele contain private and public businesses in the energy industry, educational institutions, healthcare, legal, entertainment, retail outlets, mining and financial services industries, irrespective of their size.


Confidential data we shred

Shield your business and your customer ‘s information.

Confidential data isn’t merely restricted to bank statements, business contracts, strategic planning documents and product development advice.  All companies produce sensitive information which needs to be protected.  The surest way to protect such information is to destroy them without recognition from the original.



Why use Waste company for your confidential shredded waste?

Are you currently facing problems with identity theft, fraud and corporate espionage?

How can you combat identity theft, fraud and corporate espionage when sensitive data gets into wrong hands, fraudsters and other third parties?

How can you meet the compliance needs of your organisation?

Are you currently spending unnecessarily on storage costs by holding data beyond its required retention period?

Are your organization’s documents exposed to dangers of theft, misuse, disclosure, legal discovery and at times non-compliance fines?

Benefits for utilizing waste company secure shredding solutions.

Free preliminary quote worth (30)10-15% discounts on all jobs

free labor for loading files wherever they’re located

getting the necessary protection with stringent security practices.

Providing certificate of destruction for lawful audit.

Any confidential documents exposed to risks of theft, fraud and non-compliance could result in significant threat to private credit ratings, solitude, damage business reputation and protection.


Total file shredding and secure destruction.

Waste business will shred all sensitive information such as financial advice, addresses, credit card details, legal information and other sensitive data and also dispose of confidential waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

 Our ecological shredding activities save trees, wildlife, water resources and precious energy in the manufacturing process while reducing emissions to water and air throughout the process.

Our trained specialist operatives will securely separate materials and shred sensitive materials beyond recognition from original.  Our operatives are security vetted and guaranteed.  Substances could be shredded at your premises in one of our trucks or carried off web site to our record shredding facility. 

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