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Recycling and composting in Newcastle is an important element of helping Newcastle achieve its environmental goals and creating a more sustainable city. The curbside compost collection program is enormously good for attempts to help protect the surroundings. The compost created by means of this application helps grow the organic food that we all love.

This evaluation application is one of a number of tests being conducted in Newcastle to help determine the most effective methods to refine Newcastle’s recycling system as we attempt to accomplish Zero Waste. Your participation in this evaluation is both needed and greatly appreciated by all who are trying to boost recycling in Newcastle, and might serve as a model for communities around the world.

The Film Plastic Recycling Test is a new software testing ways to recycle film plastic, and send less to the landfill. This evaluation is supported by Newcastle Waste Management at the Department’s direction. Residents selected to take part in this program received a welcome letter in the post.

As participants in this evaluation program, residents may place their entire picture plastic (plastic bags, plastic wrap, produce bags, etc.) in one plastic bag, and place the bag in their blue bin. The poster below shows what film plastic ought to be put in a tote.

All customers who have been selected to take part in this program received a welcome letter and a visit to your dwelling by a NWM staff member. If you’re uncertain when you have been selected to participate, please contact our customer support section.

Here’s the way the Film Plastic Recycling evaluation program works:
Items to place in your bag of movie plastic contain plastic bags, plastic shipping air pillows, shrink wrap, dry cleaner bags, bread bags, and plastic packaging (from products like toilet paper and diapers). For more information on which things should go in your picture plastic bag, click here to download a poster.

Below are some tips for reducing what must go in your black bin. If you’re interested about a certain thing, see to discover where it goes.

Newcastle Waste Management accepts a wide selection of things in our recycling programs. All tough plastics (bottles, baths, buckets), clean paper (office paper, cardboard, cartons), metal cans, and glass (jars and bottles) are accepted in the blue bin.

To get a complete list of the things we accept in our recycling programs, click here.

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